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As many as 46 bays,


Lučica is a small village/port

Lastovo Carnival

Carnival on Lastovo is
a unique, for centuries preserved
multi-day folk event

History of Lastovo

15 centuries of written history;
ancient Greek colony; Part of Italy,
UK, France, Republic of Dubrovnik...

Lastovo Featured

Supremely attractive destination. For sailors, yachtsmen and boaters Lastovo is a supremely attractive destination. The gentle coves, bays and untouched coastline, lush vegetation which often descends straight into the sea, are lures they will find difficult to resist.

The safest bays for mooring are Skrivena Luka in the south, Velo Lago, Jurjeva Luka in the west and Zaklopatica in the north.

The marina in Zaklopatica

Mooring for boats in Zaklopatica

Mooring for boats in Pasadur

Fuel pumps. In Ubli there is a fuel pump which is open everyday during the season.

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