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Lučica - sliding

Lučica is a small village/port

Lastovo Featured

Food from Lastovo. The archipelago of Lastovo is rich in first class fish, so the taverns and restaurants along the sea coast are great to eat in. The best fish restaurants are in Skrivena Luka, Zaklopatica or in Pasadur, and for meat dishes roasted under the bell with home made bread and a glass of top quality maraština wine best go to the farm at Podanje in the centre of the island.

Fish delicacies. You won't be sorry if you buy fresh fish from the local fishermen and prepare for yourself such meals such as the grouper stew or lobster pasta or poached fish, not to mention grilled treats. If you are on Lastovo late in the year, you may even get to try the most authentic island specialy - grilled sardines! Simply delicious!
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