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As many as 46 bays,


Lučica is a small village/port

Lastovo Carnival

Carnival on Lastovo is
a unique, for centuries preserved
multi-day folk event

History of Lastovo

15 centuries of written history;
ancient Greek colony; Part of Italy,
UK, France, Republic of Dubrovnik...

Lastovo Featured

O Parku prirode

The island of Lastovo and its waters have been declared a nature park due to its exceptional beauty and well-preserved plant and animal diversity. Keeping it like that, should be everyone's responsibility, both the hosts' and the tourists'. Unfortunately, many do not follow that logic. The Lastovo Island Nature Park team confirmed 20 environmental seabed cleaning actions in 2011, during which they collected more than 25 containers of marine debris.    

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Capares - a tredemark of LastovoA new album about Lastovo has been added. Over 100 pictures illustrate the natural and cultural beauty of Lastovo and Vila Fantela.

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Preserving the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. On September 12, 2006 the Croatian Parliament adopted the declaration of the Lastovo Islands as a nature park and committed the Republic of Croatia, all Croatian citizens and all visitors, to taking special care of this region.

Croatian nature parks family thus got a new member - the Lastovo Islands with their 195.83 km2 covering archipelago.

If you have ever been to Lastovo, you surely know why it is a Nature Park. If you have not, then you should know that it is a nature park because of you – so you can, this summer or maybe some future summers, springs, winters or autumns, come to Lastovo and enjoy the pure, untouched nature.

The Nature Park  Lastovo Islands. Source: State Institute for Nature Protection.
Nature Park Lastovo Islands. Source: State Institute for Nature Protection.
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