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As many as 46 bays,


Lučica is a small village/port

Lastovo Carnival

Carnival on Lastovo is
a unique, for centuries preserved
multi-day folk event

History of Lastovo

15 centuries of written history;
ancient Greek colony; Part of Italy,
UK, France, Republic of Dubrovnik...

Lastovo Featured

A distinguishing feature of Lastovo, something that makes the view of the island recognizable, are stone houses with imaginative chimneys – called ‘fumar’ (pl. fumari, lat. Fum – smoke, vapor). Why the villagers have through the centuries been investing so much effort to build diverse chimneys is still a mystery, but the fact is that it is almost impossible to see two similar fumars (chimneys), especially if you are looking at old houses.

Diversity of Lastovo fumars (chimneys) – each one is unique.

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