Wealth of the Undersea World

Wealth of the Undersea World

Undersea World! 

Thanks to the great amount of zooplankton, the waters around the island of Lastovo are one of the richest fish areas of the Adriatic Sea. The area is famous for colonies of lobsters, crabs, groupers, abberjacks, golden brasses... You can also catch blue fish here. Local residents witness that not so long ago the “Mediterranean monk seal” lived in the south end of the Island, in close proximity to the cave “Medvjedine".

Beautiful - as it always was!Beautiful - as it always was!

Life in the deep. There are as many as 248 species of marine flora! Shallow waters are filled with flourishing seaweed and the rocky sea bed with photophilic algae. The most prevailing along with other seaweed is the red endemdic coral!

It is a true paradise for undersea life admirers! Even though some of its balance and beauty was devastated by occasional uncaring divers, things have drastically improved with Lastovo’s addition as the 11th Nature Park of Croatia in 2006.