Cleaning the seabed

The island of Lastovo and its waters have been declared a nature park due to its exceptional beauty and well-preserved plant and animal diversity. Keeping it like that, should be everyone's responsibility, both the hosts' and the tourists'. Unfortunately, many do not follow that logic. The Lastovo Island Nature Park team confirmed 20 environmental seabed cleaning actions in 2011, during which they collected more than 25 containers of marine debris.  

 Preservation of nature - is the  responsibility of all of us 
The greatest enemies of nature are people – especially those careless and irresponsible, causing the pollution. They can easily be found everywhere around us and unfortunately, not even a pearl like the island of Lastovo and its waters are immune to such behavior.

During 2011, the Lastovo Island Nature Park team cleaned the following beaches and bays:

  • Beach Saplun
  • Longing in Skrivena harbor – twice
  • Kremena - three times,
  • Jurjeva port - twice the coast, once the seabed
  • Sito – twice
  • Zaklopatica (seabed)
  • Zace
  • Uska bay – twice
  • Korita
  • Bay Little Letišća
  • In Mrčara
  • Ponta od okesa (Borova bay)
  • Port Ubli (seabed). Ante Lešić took impressive photographs of the seabed cleaning.

Together, in all these actions, about 25 containers of garbage have been collected.

Cleaning of the Lastovo submarine

Cleaning actions will continue this year.

In addition to the growing need for such actions, it is important that all of us coming to Lastovo beaches, bays and coves – tourists, yachtsmen, hosts and fishermen, do our part in preserving this pristine beauty. With no exception, trash should be stored in the provided containers. Sea dumping is strictly prohibited, unethical and punishable by law.

In 2011, the Nature Park Lastovo Islands team has collected more than 25 tons of garbage

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