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The new ecological lamps
The new ecological lamps

Eco illumination against light pollution

Protection of the sky. After years in which it seemed that one exclusivity of Lastovo - its starry sky, with its minimal light pollution, would be lost forever, finally good news! The old public lights have been replaced with new ones which significantly reduce light pollution. The old ones have been removed and 235 new lights have been put up throughout the whole island.

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A distinguishing feature of Lastovo, something that makes the view of the island recognizable, are stone houses with imaginative chimneys – called ‘fumar’ (pl. fumari, lat. Fum – smoke, vapor). Why the villagers have through the centuries been investing so much effort to build diverse chimneys is still a mystery, but the fact is that it is almost impossible to see two similar fumars (chimneys), especially if you are looking at old houses.

Diversity of Lastovo fumars (chimneys) – each one is unique.

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